The Salto sailplane is a fully aerobatic, highly maneuverable sailplane which is also suited for extended soaring flights. Very elegant in appearance, its distinctive features are a Vee tail, trailing edge dive brakes and a drogue chute. For daytime performances the Salto is equipped with a wing tip smoke system. Another wing tip system is designed to display special effects during night performances.

Manfred Radius began his career in flying sailplanes in 1961 at age 17 in Hamburg, Germany. He has logged in excess of 5,000 flights and accumulated over 2,000 hours in at least 60 types of sailplanes.Manfred immigrated to Canada in 1969 and became a gliding instructor in 1972, adding the glider aerobatic instructor's endorsement in 1977. He is a former member of the Flight Training and Safety Committee of the Soaring Association of Canada.

Manfred Radius is a top professional air show performer who ushered in a new era in sailplane demonstrations. He has the distinction of having introduced world championship-level sailplane performances to air shows in North America.

Manfred was featured on television shows such as That's Life, Stuntmasters, Magic in the Air, Skybound, Science of Fun and THE AVIATORS. He was also featured in the books A TRADITION OF EXCELLENCE by Daniel V. Dempsey, THE CANNIBAL QUEEN by Stephen Coonts and THE FLYERS by Noah Adams.

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