Jacquie B took her 50th birthday as the perfect opportunity to take the world by storm! During the centennial celebration of powered flight in 2003, Jacquie finally quit her job and realized her dream of being an air show performer and became the first female pilot to enter the business at the age of 50.


Jacquie spent years dreaming of flying but was unable to do much about it until working hard for years saving up enough money to become a pilot. At 32, Jacquie decided enrolled in ground school and received her Private Pilot certificate in 1986. Shortly thereafter she was introduced to the world of aerobatics.


Jacquie is now flying an Extra 300 monoplane. This beautiful red Extra is faster and more capable of gyroscopic maneuvers that the biplanes she had been flying. The Extra 300 is the world’s most successful performance and unlimited category aerobatic aircraft. Its proven performance in international aerobatic competition, combined with its docile handling and dependable stability, translate into a comfortable cross-country touring machine.

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