The World Famous GEICO Skytypers airshow team is a flight squadron of six vintage U.S. Navy SNJ trainers . The team performs a thrilling, low-altitude, precision-formation flying demonstration filling the sky and coming from all directions to provide spectators a unique viewing experience while showcasing the tactical maneuvers utilized in the WWII and the Korean War.


In addition to air show performances, the GEICO Skytypers also "type" giant messages in the sky. Known as the world¹s largest text messages, skytyping is 17 times faster than skywriting and produces a Dot-matrix style letter every four seconds. The messages are as tall as the Empire State Building, can extend up to 8 miles in length, and are visible up to 15 miles in any direction -- or for nearly 400 square miles. In between air shows, these messages can often be seen at major events and venues in the Northeast near the team¹s home base at Republic Airport in Farmingdale, NY.

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